Platypus Tristate 2024 Merchandise by MyMerchStore

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With MyMerchStore anyone can create their own free online merchandise store!!

  • Create your own online web store.
  • Select the header, colour scheme and name for your web store.
  • Select to have the store available to the public, limited users, or just yourself
  • Set the profit margin you wish to make on the items in the store.
  • Choose the products you want available in the store, from our large range of products available
  • Select the colours of you products you want available in your store.
  • Select the placement of your designs on the products. (You must submit your own designs for approval before they can be placed on the items)

It's that easy!!
Your store is now ready!!!

Your customers can now:

  • Browse your web store at their own leisure, viewing photos and sizing charts (where appropriate) of the products
  • Place products in their ShoppingCart, selecting colour, size and quantity.
  • Choose the method of shipment (From Pickup, Courier, Standard Shipping and Express Post) - Services available worldwide
  • Pay using our Checkout Service (Credit Card, PayPal or Direct Deposit)
  • Track the progress of their order, right up to delivery using our online tracker. Service Available soon

It's basically the same as having your own store, but here is where it gets different.....

Once an order is placed and paid for, MyMerchStore arranges to have the item produced, warehoused (if necessary) and then shipped directly to your customer.
The profits (based on the commission you set) from the orders can either be paid to you quarterly, or saved up and used on in-store purchases/expenses.

And this service is FREE!!

This means, you can have a customised online merchandise store, that can produce, warehouse, sell and ship products to your customers throughout Australia with minimal effort and cost;

  • No hosting or web designer fees
  • No searching about for hours or days, trying to source products
    (we've already done this for you - and we do it for free if you want any products we don't have)
  • No waiting for people to decide if they want to buy
  • No need to find space or storage for all the products
  • No chasing people for money, or dealing with orders that never eventuated, / cancelled last minute.
  • No dashing to the Post Office for the last minute shipping, and chasing late parcels.
  • With most products there are No minimums on No setup fees (No initial outlay)
    Some products/decoration methods within our range do have minimum quantities and/or setup fees, in these cases, this cost is distributed over the cost of your customers order